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Car Accident Injuries

Lafayette, Louisiana, Car Accident Injuries Lawyers

50 Years of Combined Legal Experience

The potential legal and personal issues that can result from a serious car accident are numerous. Who will pay for large medical bills following an accident that wasn't my fault? How can I obtain compensation for income that was lost because I was or am unable to work? And who can help when my insurer offers inadequate compensation or even acts in bad faith?

The attorneys of the Hightower Law Firm have a combined 50 years of legal experience handling car and truck accident personal injury cases, and have recovered numerous settlements and verdicts for accident victims and their families. Have you been injured in a car crash, or lost a loved one due to a car-related wrongful death accident? Contact the Hightower Law Firm for experienced legal help.

Contact an experienced and caring car accident and personal injury lawyer following a serious accident. Call 337-233-0555.

Car accident and injury claims can seem simple at first, but rapidly become complicated when issues of injury, loss and coverage come into play. Questions immediately arise. Who caused the accident? What are the extent, cause and consequences of a serious injury? And whose insurance coverage applies to the case, and for how much?

We work with accident reconstructionists to help prove liability, and medical professionals, economists and vocational rehabilitation experts to demonstrate financial loss. In addition, we provide insurance defense legal services and are consequently experienced in understanding insurers' tactics, and in successfully fighting for each client's maximum financial compensation. To contact an experienced car accident attorney for a no-charge discussion of your case and concerns, contact our firm.

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If you have questions regarding car accidents and injuries, including uninsured/underinsured motorist claims, contact our firm. We offer free initial consultations, are available for evening and weekend meetings by appointment and are conveniently located in downtown Lafayette near the courthouse. To contact our firm, call 337-233-0555.

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