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Criminal Defense

Experienced Lafayette, Louisiana, Criminal Defense Lawyers

An Experienced Former Prosecutor Now Helping the Accused

There's no better way to learn how the other side operates and to beat them at their own game than by doing their job. At the Hightower Law Firm*, criminal defense attorney Patrick "Wade" Kee can take on criminal prosecutors and protect your rights because he worked as prosecutor himself.

As a prosecutor for Orleans Parish, Mr. Kee used all available court, legal and tactical resources available to punish alleged criminals. Now, he successfully helps individuals avoid fines, avoid criminal records and stay out of jail by anticipating prosecutors' methods and fighting for his clients' rights.

Have you been accused of a crime? Contact criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Patrick "Wade" Kee at the Hightower Law Firm. Call 337-233-0555.

Mr. Kee has practiced criminal law since 1988 and provides diligent and personal service to each criminal defense client. Our goal? No jail time, no fines and no criminal record. Have you been accused of:

  • A drug crime, including drug possession or drug trafficking, involving methamphetamines, marijuana, heroine, cocaine, crack, Lowertab, Xanax, Oxycotton or Xanbar?
  • Theft/burglary?
  • Murder or assault?
  • DUI/DWI?
  • Environmental crimes?
  • A traffic violation?
  • Domestic violence?
  • White collar crimes?
  • Computer-related crimes?
  • Gaming, hunting or fishing violations?

Mr. Kee formerly practiced exclusively in criminal law, and therefore has experience in both defending and prosecuting criminal cases has resulted in numerous acquittals and reduced and dismissed charges for his private practice clients. To schedule a no-charge discussion of your criminal charges, contact our firm.

Contact Us
If you have questions regarding criminal law, contact the Hightower Law Firm. We offer free initial consultations, are available for evening and weekend meetings by appointment and are conveniently located in downtown Lafayette near the courthouse. To contact our firm, call 337-233-0555.

* Incorporated as Thomas R. Hightower, Jr. A Professional Law Corporation


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