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Insurance Bad Faith

Lafayette, Louisiana, Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

Legal Help When Insurers Fail to Honor Their Obligations

Insurance, whether it's required auto insurance or optional medical, homeowner or property insurance, should provide peace of mind and compensation when accidents and illnesses occur. Yet, too often, insurance companies fail to step forward and provide financial assistance and coverage when insurance customers most need it.

At the Lafayette, Louisiana, Hightower Law Firm, we have provided insurance bad faith legal help to dozens of individuals and businesses across Louisiana since 1983.

Have you encountered problems with your insurance company involving:

  • Slow payments?
  • The denial of your claim?
  • Disputes over coverage?

We have helped clients collect insurance payouts from insurance companies that have refused to honor policies, or that have claimed that fine print absolves them from payment obligations.

You have rights when insurance companies act in bad faith and fail to provide payment following accidents, injuries, illness and property damage covered by your policy. Contact an experienced insurance bad faith lawyer. Call 337-233-0555.

Our attorneys are effective in negotiating, mediating and litigating insurance bad faith claims because we are experienced in handling both sides of insurance disputes. In addition to handling bad faith insurance disputes, we handle insurance defense cases. The result? A broad range of knowledge and experience regarding insurance companies' tactics in denying coverage and payment.

If you have been in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, have lost a loved one or have suffered property damage, and have questions about your insurer's handling of your insurance claim, get experienced legal help. Contact the Hightower Law Firm for a free initial consultation.

Contact Us
Contact the Hightower Law Firm for experienced insurance bad faith legal help. We are available for evening and weekend meetings by appointment and are conveniently located in downtown Lafayette near the courthouse. To contact our firm, call 337-233-0555.

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