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Insurance Defense

Lafayette, Louisiana, Insurance Defense Attorneys

Insurance Defense Lawyers Working to Save Your Insurance Firm Money

In today's litigious legal and business environment, even minor mishaps can lead to claims for damages. When individuals or companies file claims against insurers for payouts that are many times their fair value, your insurance company needs legal help in keep costs low.

At the Lafayette, Louisiana, Hightower Law Firm, founding lawyer Tommy Hightower has practiced insurance defense law from 1983.

Most often we work with smaller insurers that need one-time legal services or seek on-going legal counsel without the expense of maintaining in-house counsel. Do you face contestable coverage claims involving:

We can meet with you to discuss your concerns and ideas, and visit accident sites, medical facilities and other relevant locations with you and, often, the insured. We have a long record of successfully advocating solutions that keep insurers' costs down, by developing strategies for denying policyholders' illegitimate claims and for minimizing payouts on claims that are legally indefensible.

Our firm is small and our costs and overhead are low. Unlike large firms, we will not assign two or three attorneys to your case for double or triple the cost. Our skilled advocacy, combined with the comprehensive knowledge of the law that comes with years of experience, has effectively protected numerous clients in combined general casualty claims.

Contact Us
If you have questions regarding insurance defense law, contact the Hightower Law Firm. We offer free initial consultations, are available for evening and weekend meetings by appointment and are conveniently located in downtown Lafayette near the courthouse. To contact our firm, call 337-233-0555.

* Incorporated as Thomas R. Hightower, Jr. A Professional Law Corporation


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